Chancellor’s Corner: Take a few minutes for your health

Published: Sept. 23, 2013

This week, the Be Colorado’s 2013 fall biometric health screenings began on the Boulder campus. I invite you to take a few minutes, schedule an appointment and learn more about your health through the variety of tests offered at the screenings. Seven screenings will be hosted around our campus over the next seven weeks, so you should be able to find a time and a place that works for you. 19 screenings will be held system-wide, and the screenings are open to CU Health Plan-covered spouses or partners as well.

These free, convenient and private health screenings include a lipid profile with glucose (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and blood glucose); a blood pressure test; and height, weight, and waist circumference measurements. Learn more about what these tests measure.

You can drop in for a flu vaccination only, make an appointment for the full screening and flu shot, or take discounted tests, which include blood typing, a screening for Celiac disease and measurements of blood count, kidney and liver function, and more.

As an added incentive this year, when you participate you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of 50 Fitbit Zip activity monitors, the primary device used among Be Colorado Move. members.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the information you need to maintain or improve your health, and prevent future health risks. Register for a screening today.