Your student government: Flood victim fundraising and resources

Published: Sept. 17, 2013

By the University of Colorado Student Government

What makes this past weekend feel so surreal is the warm sun shining across Boulder today. Our city, our school, and our community were engulfed by a bizarre and seemingly unimaginable force of nature that faded away as quickly as it appeared. The rain stopped, but for those of us whose homes were encroached upon by heavy flooding and damage, the heartache and stress prevails. We want you to know that each and every CU student has an army of advocates fighting for you behind the scenes.

Your CU Student Government wants you to know that we have been working around the clock to try to assess the needs of our peers during this time. The span of physical, emotional, and academic needs are varying in scope and severity, and we are dedicated to making the process of rebuilding as fluid as possible for everyone.

To start making a dent in the relief effort, CUSG is launching a $100,000 in 30 days fundraising challenge that will engage and encourage student groups to contribute to emergency aid projects. At this time, the biggest need of Boulder County is financial. Over the upcoming weeks volunteer labor will be needed on projects around the city and on the Hill, but for the immediate time being, the most direct way we can assist an expedient recovery is through monetary contributions. We have been encouraged by the offers of volunteer support, and will be coordinating efforts on social media in the next week through as we launch #Buffs4Boulder.

There are many student resources available to all Buffs working through the aftermath of this past weekend. The Office of Victim Assistance, Off Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations, Housing and Dining Services, and Legal services are camped outside of the Book Store in the UMC this week. The Office of Student Affairs is here to advocate and problem solve with students on any issue that has become a barrier to your academic success, and can be easily reached at The Provost has sent out special instructions for professors to be understanding and accommodating during this difficult time, and by registering your situation with the Office of Student Affairs, students can better set themselves up for successful accommodations.

Now that Boulder is beginning to dry up, it will become even more important to stay supportive, empathetic, and encouraging with one another as many of our Buffs are facing a difficult road ahead. Spread the word on the resources available at to anyone impacted by the flood, and know that we are all working to support our fellow Buffs.

Shoulder to Shoulder, We Take Care of Each Other.

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