The No. 1 health hazard for college students?

Published: Aug. 30, 2013

By Dr. Donald Misch, assistant vice chancellor for health and wellness

As assistant vice chancellor for health and wellness, I have a strong interest in making sure you are safe and well during your time at CU-Boulder.

A key to being safe is knowing the dangers of over-consuming alcohol and mixing drugs and alcohol. I want to urge you to observe a few basic but vital guidelines to make sure that, if you choose to drink, you do so responsibly.

  • Alcohol is the No. 1 public health hazard on campus for college students across the nation.
  • Be careful not to mix alcohol with other prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs, as doing so can be fatal.
  • Remember that alcohol impairs judgment and the ability to recognize dangerous situations.
  • Know your limits and help your friends stay within their limits.
  • If you think your friend’s health is in danger due to alcohol, call 9-1-1.
  • Make a commitment to your own personal health, well-being and academic success.

Wardenburg Health Center’s Community Health program on campus offers health information about alcohol and other drugs. Also, check out the In the Mix site for a list of ongoing alcohol-free events on campus.