Published: June 27, 2013

Last year, I announced an aggressive goal of $100 million in annual giving for our campus. In May the university announced a realignment of the development structure to move fundraising staff from the CU Foundation to the university. Folding our fundraising arm into the fabric of the university will result in a more coordinated development effort and will reflect the operations of high-performing public universities nationwide.

Under this new structure, each campus has greater responsibility and accountability for its fundraising activities. This approach provides clear and direct reporting ties from fundraisers to our campus leadership to enhance fundraising.

Many of you have enjoyed the benefit of working with CU Foundation employees over the years with the mutual goal of advancing the university. Next week they officially become our co-workers. Please take a moment to help me welcome our foundation partners into our campus community as new associates.

I want to thank both our current and new associates who have worked hard to make the July 1 transition successful.  

Now, we all share in the important responsibility of fundraising together and with these fine development professionals on board, I am confident we will succeed in reaching our goal.

Philip P. DiStefano