Published: April 18, 2013

On Monday, April 22 the CU Rec Center invites the CU community to show support for the city of Boston, Boston Marathon runners and spectators and the running community by picking any type of movement and doing "26.2."  Run or walk for 26.2 minutes, lift, stretch, breath or do whatever is inspiring to honor those lost and injured in the bombings in Boston on April 15.

"We invite you to stand proud and united and make your own statement during 26.2 for Boston," said Nicole LaRocque, assistant director of fitness and wellness at the CU Rec Center.
The Rec Center will be free to the CU Community with Buff OneCard on this day and will offer free fitness classes and provide some activities that promote 26.2 of movement. People are invited to visit the Rec Center during its normal hours from 6 a.m.-12 a.m.