Published: March 21, 2013

By Matt Duncan, CU-Boulder Campus Social Media Manager

As you head out on spring break remember these words from Andrea Weckerle in her book "Civility in the Digital Age" -  "Your digital footprint - the good, the bad, and the ugly - is used by others in decision making that impacts virtually every aspect of your life."

Give your digital footprint a spring cleaning through these four tips to minimize the bad and the ugly -

1. Don't share everything on your social media accounts. Think about potential adverse impacts of the image/wording before you post as once you post subsequent viewing and sharing is out of your control and can come back to haunt you at another time.

2. Review the privacy settings on your social media accounts. Are they set how you want?  Do a quick test by logging out of Facebook and put your profile URL in a web browser to see what is public. You don't want surprises in content you thought was shared with close friends being publicly available so adjust accordingly to match your comfort level.  

3. Take more control of your content in Facebook. Use Facebook lists to organize your friends, especially if you have a lot of them that you may or may not know personally, and share your posts with the appropriate lists to have more control over who sees what.

4. Change your passwords.  Create strong passwords and change them periodically in all your social media accounts to minimize the risk of your account being hacked.  Here are some good tips from OIT.

Matt Duncan, the CU-Boulder Campus Social Media Manager, coordinates the main campus social media strategy and channels like and