Let's talk sex, a campaign

Published: March 19, 2013

By Dominique Guillen

I'm Dominique Guillen and I work with Community Health, the public health division of Wardenburg. During our fall semester we partnered with Beforeplay to kick start our Let's Talk Sex campaign.

This semester we are continuing our Let's Talk Sex campaign, which includes giving out condoms, ChapStick, gum, T-shirts, boxers, posters, bookmarks, stickers and buttons ­ to promote sexual communication.  We have all kinds of stuff at our office in UMC 411, and we can come to events or do presentations.

I think I always thought it was important for people to know and be able to communicate about sex. Definitely getting more knowledge has helped me feel that I can be a real resource for people. Beforeplay emphasizes sexual communication in their slogan "Just Talk About It."

I really enjoy being able to provide students with ways of communicating about sex and normalizing talking about sex through our sexual communication timeline and our photo kiosks. One of my favorite resources is Get Talking. This provides lots of examples on how to talk to parents, friends, partners and health providers about topics regarding sexual health.

Beforeplay is a Colorado Department of Public Health campaign aimed at normalizing the conversation around sexual health and well-being, so people can communicate about sex better. They also recently launched a text line (TEXT b4play TO 57890). The text line is an anonymous way to ask sexual health questions and get a response within 24 to 48 hours.