Off-campus housing fair March 6

Published: March 1, 2013

It's not too late to find housing for fall. Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations is hosting a second Off-Campus Housing Fair on March 6, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in the UMC Glenn Miller Ballrom. The fair is a convenient way to meet property managers and local landlords and collect information on 100s of available properties. Students will enjoy free pizza at noon and one lucky student will even win a new 40" LED TV for his/her next rental.

Students also can search for properties online. Ralphie’s List, CU’s rental database, is a great resource for finding housing and connecting with potential roommates. There are over 600 properties currently listed. If you are leaving Boulder for the summer, consider posting your sublet on Ralphie’s List. You also can download contact information for Boulder property management companies and a list of student apartment complexes under Resources.

Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations has an attorney who provides free lease reviews. Schedule an appointment with attorney Bruce Sarbaugh by calling 303-492-7054. Additionally, students who are experiencing problems with their landlord and /or roommates can meet with attorney Sarbaugh to discuss their tenant rights.


In most Boulder residential neighborhoods, no more than three unrelated individuals can live together in a single dwelling unit. Even though a rental may be advertised as a six bedroom house, it may only be legally zoned for three unrelated persons. It is incredibly important that students find housing that will legally accommodate all potential roommates.

The over-occupancy law is most commonly enforced when someone files a complaint. Complaints are usually made when someone observes excessive noise, trash accumulation or parking issues. 

According to the city of Boulder, property managers, owners, and tenants are all responsible for compliance. If there ever becomes an issue, whoever is over-occupying (usually the person(s) not on the lease) must move out and the household faces a possible fine of $2,000 per day.

To find out the occupancy limit for a specific unit, call Boulder Environmental and Zoning Enforcement at 303-441-3239. To read more about over-occupancy visit the city of Boulder online.

Students who are involved in an over-occupancy investigation should meet with attorney Bruce Sarbaugh. Sarbaugh provides free legal advice to student tenants through Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations.