Published: Feb. 26, 2013

The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department is debuting a new time-saving crime reporting option for the public. Bike thefts, criminal mischief and other crimes that are not in progress can be reported at the UCPD website. The new site is not for reporting “crimes in progress” or other emergencies.

The site will allow people to report the crime and incident types listed below.

  • Bicycle theft (no dollar limit)
  • Computer/other theft (value under $2,500)
  • Criminal mischief, including graffiti
  • Lost/mislaid personal or university property
  • Non-criminal property damage or personal injury
  • Traffic- or pedestrian-related concern

Currently, an officer would respond to these incidents, interview witnesses and then compile a police report. While that remains an option, the online reporting site can save time for both the reporting party and UCPD officers.

“This new tool provides an online convenience for students and others who want to report crimes on campus,” said CU-Boulder Police Chief Joe Roy. “It will also free up officers to spend more time on the street focusing on directed problem solving, such as preventing bike thefts and more serious crimes.”

Users can upload their case summary, possible suspect info and incident photos. The information will transfer into UCPD’s records management system and be investigated in the same manner as reports filed by police officers.