Chancellor's Corner: The proof is in the patents

Published: Feb. 7, 2013

I speak frequently about how CU-Boulder discovery and innovation leads to economic development, company creation and advancements for society. Here’s a bit of proof.  A new study from the Brookings Institution released a week ago finds Boulder among the top five patent-producing metropolitan areas in the nation.

The link between Boulder’s patent productivity and CU as a pre-eminent comprehensive research university is undeniable. The report finds that patents are mostly produced in a handful of areas, including Boulder. It goes on to say research universities, a scientifically educated workforce and collaboration in those few communities play a key role in driving innovation.

The New York Times, Feb. 1: “Patent producers clustered in only a few cities

The Denver Post, Feb. 1: “Brookings study finds Boulder near top for patent filings per capita

Certainly a patent is an early step in the process of discovery and commercialization. But this report makes clear the important role of CU-Boulder in advancing the economy, culture and health of Colorado and the nation.