Published: Feb. 1, 2013

Going above and beyond is an everyday occurrence at the University of Colorado Boulder. We all have stories of colleagues who have worked late into the night, leant an ear to a student or coworker, or found the unique solution for a campus challenge. This willingness to stretch beyond the job description may be rooted in the sense of connection CU-Boulder employees feel to our institution’s academic and research mission.

In 2012, the CU-Boulder Department of Human Resources conducted an engagement survey among classified and exempt professional staff, to better understand how the campus is performing as an employer and gain insights into what its employees value and expect from CU-Boulder. An enviable 68% response rate provided a wealth of data to inform leadership and drive decisions for the campus.

Some of the highlights of the survey included:

  • 72% of employees are satisfied with their employment at CU-Boulder.
  • 72% of employees would recommend working here to a friend.
  • 84% of employees have a good working relationship with their supervisor.
  • 90% of employees feel they contribute to CU-Boulder's purpose.
  • 89% of employees are willing to go above and beyond for CU-Boulder.

The survey has helped campus leadership - and particularly the Department of Human Resources - to identify areas where more resources can be applied to support, develop and retain our great employees. Based on this feedback they have identified five key themes and goals, which can be reviewed in-depth on the Human Resources website. Focus areas include recognition, childcare and eldercare, career advancement, compensation, and leadership development and mentoring.

In some cases, the resources for these work-life tools are already available and the Human Resources team is working to strengthen and improve existing programs. These resources include guidance for employee recognition programs, the Sitter City/Years Ahead program and a list of campus and community career advancement resources.

In other areas, like compensation, the campus has to work with the Regents and within the bounds of the state personnel system and the legislative process. The Department of Human Resources is committed to continuing to advocate for base building pay increases for our employees.

CU-Boulder is a great place to work, and is full of employees who make this a world-class institution. Watch CU-Boulder Today in the coming months as we share more stories about campus resources for work-life balance and career development, and learn more about these resources and other employee benefits at