2013 RTD Eco Pass Smart Cards for faculty and staff

Published: Dec. 18, 2012

Employees will receive their new 2013 Eco Pass smart cards in the mail by mid-January. These will replace the former RTD Eco Pass stickers, which will expire on January 31, 2013.

RTD will be implementing a grace period for all Eco Pass users. Faculty and staff members should keep their 2012 Eco Pass stickers and continue to use them until the receipt of their new smart cards. Faculty and staff will be able to utilize their 2012 Eco Pass stickers through Thursday, January 31, 2013.

The new RTD Eco Pass card will be utilized by Eco Pass holders to access transit and will be separate from the Buff OneCard campus ID. The 2013 Eco Pass smart card will be mailed to employees via campus mailing addresses as listed in PeopleSoft. Eligible retirees will receive their cards at their home mailing addresses as listed in PeopleSoft.

For 2013, all faculty and staff Eco Pass riders will continue to be required to pay a $5 surcharge for skyRide DIA trips, but starting January 1, Riders will be charged $2.50 each way to and from Denver International Airport.

Going forward, Eco Pass smart cards for CU faculty and staff will be produced at the Campus Card Office where replacement cards will cost $10.00.  Starting in January, eligible new employees will pick-up their new Eco Pass smart card when they go to the Card Office to get their new Buff OneCard campus ID.

For more detailed information please visit the FAQ page on the Parking & Transportation Services website. You can also find bus route, Park-n-Ride, and schedule information online at www.rtd-denver.com or by calling RTD at 303-299-6000.