CU Commute: Networking and trip tracking for off-campus students and staff

Published: Dec. 10, 2012

The University of Colorado Boulder community can now access commuter and carpool resources through the new CU Commute networking website. 

Created through a partnership between CU’s Parking & Transportation Services and the Environmental Center, CU Commute offers resources and incentives for students, faculty and staff who are interested in sustainable transportation.

Users can track mileage, distance and savings via the website, whether they commute alone or in a carpool. In addition, users can create profiles, access commuter event calendars, connect with “buddies” for easy coordination with fellow travelers, enter to win prizes and find bus routes and bike paths to get to campus. Users also can link their CU Commute profile to their Facebook profile.

People who drive from Denver to Boulder generally travel about 30 miles each way. Based on vehicle maintenance data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, that adds up to about $300 each month per person for gas, tires and maintenance.

If two people carpool together, both will slice that cost in half. If three people carpool, the cost is reduced to one-third of the original price. 

CU Commute is part of the iCarpool online database from GO Boulder and the RideArrangers program at the Denver Regional Council of Governments.

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