LEAP Presents: "Power Pointers: Constructive Conflict Management"

Published: Nov. 2, 2012

The Leadership Education for Advancement and Promotion (LEAP) Program invites all faculty to join a discussion with the Faculty Ombuds, Lee Potts and Emily Calhoun, on the topic of how to use your power wisely in workplace conflicts. When professional relationships involve either formal or informal power differences, dealing with disagreements can be an especially complex process. This workshop will help faculty of all types respond constructively to challenging disputes. Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 12:30 -2 p.m., in Regent 302. Please RSVP to facultyaffairs@colorado.edu.

The workshop is structured to promote an open discussion of three topics relevant to power dynamics within conflict situations. We will first identify sources of power in the academic workplace. Next we will explore how faculty holding formal power (chairpersons, program directors, committee chairs, and senior faculty) can engage with conflicts in ways that improve interpersonal relations and thereby enhance workplace climate. Then we will explore how faculty in vulnerable positions (junior or untenured faculty, instructors, PRAs, and members of protected classes) can more fully enjoy the benefits of an academic career by learning how to stand up for themselves in an effective fashion. As we explore these three topics, we will also identify misuses of power, such as inappropriate aggressive behaviors.