Hurricane Sandy: Local and national resources if you are affected

Published: Oct. 30, 2012

If Hurricane Sandy has impacted you or your family, there are local and national resources available.

Here are some University resources that, depending on your situation, might be helpful for you to access. Given that it is very common for people who have experienced an upsetting event to notice delayed stress reactions, we invite you to make use of these services now, or at any point that you feel the need. The Office of Victim Assistance can assist you in navigating academic, university or off-campus systems.

Counseling and Psychological Services:  Free and confidential counseling
Center for Community, S440

Office of Victim Assistance: Free and confidential counseling and advocacy
Center for Community, S440

Psychological Health and Psychiatry: Confidential counseling for a fee or using your Buff Gold Insurance
Wardenburg Health Center

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program: Confidential and free counseling for staff and faculty
Administrative Research Center (ARC) East Campus, A353     

Many national resources are available for those affected by this event. For those trying to find information on friends, family and or loved ones in the path of the storm, we encourage you to visit the American Red Cross Safe and Well website at

For those of us who wish to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy, financial support can be of the best ways to aid those affected by a disaster. If you are planning to give to a nonprofit in the wake of any disaster, verify it is legitimate. Charity evaluators such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator provide research and can help you verify that the organization you're donating to is established and uses your donations as you intend.

The storm has left east coast agencies critically short of blood supplies. While local agencies have not yet received requests for blood products, you may wish to think about donating blood as there is always a need to replenish local supplies. You can also watch the Bonfils website or Red Cross blood donation website for blood drive events, should they become necessary.

We are all keeping our friends, family and colleagues on the east coast in our thoughts. Please let your campus support networks know if you need any assistance after this major disaster.


Image credit: NASA GOES Project