Oct. 17 Town Hall meeting on the Concealed Carry Act

Published: Oct. 12, 2012
Last spring the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the CU-Boulder campus is now covered by the Concealed Carry Act (CCA). Upon return to campus this fall, faculty, staff, and students had questions regarding our collective obligations to comply with the CCA. To address these questions, we held an open town hall meeting on Sept. 4. There continue to be questions on this important issue from our students, faculty, and staff. In response to several requests that we hold another town hall meeting, we will do so.
To answer your questions, listen to your thoughts on this issue, and to provide you with more clarification on our responsibilities pertaining to the application of the CCA on our campus, we are hosting a campus town hall. Members of the CU-Boulder administration, including Chancellor DiStefano, Provost Moore, Managing Senior Associate Counsel John Sleeman, and Commander Robert Axmacher from the CU Police Department will be present. 
Please join us in the UMC Aspen Rooms on Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 12 - 1 p.m. Any updates to town hall panelists or other information will be available on the campus events calendar at www.colorado.edu/events.