Published: Sept. 28, 2012

Russell Moore, Provost
Deb Coffin, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

With the academic year now in full swing and an election approaching, you may notice at times the presence of various groups on campus engaging in demonstrations, consciousness-raising activities, presentations and advocacy for various causes.
As a community of learning, it is important that the university promote the exchange of ideas and issues. University policy provides procedures that allow speech to occur on campus in a way that augments and safeguards our ability to attend to our core educational mission. The university, in accordance with the law, does not discriminate against any group based upon the content of its speech or presentation. However, the presence of any group or organization on campus should not be viewed as an endorsement of that group's beliefs by the CU community or the administration.
All CU faculty, staff and students are encouraged to react to any displays or presentations on campus in the spirit that defines our academic community: through discussion and civil debate. The CU-Boulder campus has always been a place of robust exchange, where ideas and values are constantly in motion in and out of the classroom. We wish to encourage this proud tradition as a distinguishing feature of our campus this academic year, and indeed, for all time.