Published: July 12, 2012

Steve Thweatt, associate vice president of planning, design and construction at Emory University, has been named executive director of Facilities Management effective as of Aug. 1.

Thweatt is pleased to be returning to friends and family in the Front Range. “It has been an extraordinary privilege to work on three of the most beautiful campuses in the country -- Duke, CU-Boulder and Emory,” he said. “Returning to CU affords me the unique opportunity to compare the best practices of these great institutions and capitalize on the best of each.”
In his prior role at CU, Thweatt served as campus architect and director of planning, design and construction from 1994 to 2007. His new position provides strategic leadership and administrative oversight for capital planning, design and construction, sustainability, engineering, physical plant operations, campus utilities and campus logistics. 
Returning to a university that he characterizes as being in “perfect context within its natural surroundings,” Thweatt recalls the Wolf Law School building project as a to-date career highlight. “That project was filled with many unique challenges and provided a great source of satisfaction when it was completed. I had never worked so closely and diligently with staff, faculty and students on one project before - and haven’t since.”
Thweatt received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Louisiana State University in 1974, and is a registered architect and past board member and president of the Association of University Architects. He is a faculty member of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers Institute for Facilities Management and authored several chapters in the Higher Education Facilities Management Manual published by the association.
Prior to his positions at CU-Boulder and Emory University, Thweatt worked at Duke University as director of the facilities design office and assistant dean of facilities from 1988 to 1994.