Fact Sheet on Recent CU-Boulder Safety Measures, Fall 2008

Published: Dec. 5, 2008

The University of Colorado at Boulder has engaged in a comprehensive response to the recent sexual assaults reported in Boulder. It is important to emphasize that the assaults have been near, but not on, the campus. University and Boulder Police are coordinating on the investigations.

The following actions have been taken by the university:

o The CU Police Department has increased general patrols on campus and off campus in areas near where the assaults have taken place.

o The Boulder Police Department and the Boulder city manager's office have joined the University of Colorado Student Union's Safety Initiative Task Force in an effort to improve combined community safety. The task force, started in November, was begun to come up with ideas for improving campus safety. It is comprised of CU students and staff as well as members of external organizations. The group's four goals include educating the CU community on safety, enhancing communication, promoting sustainable efforts regarding safety, and improving general campus safety.

o Buff Bus and CU Night Ride services have been expanded by 20%, including the recent addition of a fifth vehicle. They have been sending out messages encouraging ridership and calls and ridership have increased.

o In each instance of an assault, the university sent out campuswide e-mail messages to students alerting the campus to the assaults and offering counseling and safety resources to students, as well as a slate of careful reminders on personal safety.

o Messages were posted on the CU Connect Student Web Portal that provide the same information.

o The university and the city of Boulder jointly published on Nov. 15 an op-ed in Boulder's Daily Camera co-authored by City Manager Jane Brautigam and CU-Boulder Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson. The subject was making Boulder safer and enlisting students as partners in safety efforts.

o The university has actively engaged the local media to publicize our safety tips and posted them strategically on the main CU Web site and on the CU Connect Web portal.

o Students and administrators (particularly the sexual assault prevention offices, University of Colorado Police Department, Community Health) have been meeting to ensure students are aware of safety initiatives, information, resources, and to determine if additional strategies/services need to be implemented.

o Residence Life campus security staff have increased patrols in the impacted areas.

o We have offered counseling resources to victims and friends of victims through the offices of CU Victim Assistance and Office of Counseling and Psychological Services.

In spite of the recent attacks, Boulder statistically remains a very safe environment. If students follow our suggested safety guidelines and stay aware of their surroundings, they will increase their personal safety.

Safety information is provided to students through presentations, print materials and websites by a wide range of offices on campus. These include Orientation, Housing, Greek Life, Night Ride, Police, Off-Campus Student Services, and others.

Safety Reminders
Among the reminders advised by CU police and safety officials are:

o Remember to use the buddy system. Don't walk home alone and don't leave friends alone while out at night.

o Remember to close and lock doors and windows to help prevent burglaries and assaults.

o Report all suspicious activity and persons in on-campus locations to campus police by calling 9-1-1 in emergencies or 303-492-6666 in non-emergencies.

o Report all suspicious activity and persons in off-campus locations to Boulder police by calling 9-1-1 in emergencies or 303-441-3333 in non-emergencies.

o Remember that alcohol impairs judgment and the ability to recognize dangerous situations.

o Don't be a passive bystander. If you see a crime in progress, quickly make a call or assemble a group to aid a victim.

Safety Information is on available on almost a dozen CU websites, including:

CU-Boulder Safety website



Greek Life

Off-Campus Student Services

Women's Resource Center

Housing Safety Information

Housing provides extensive safety information to residents through presentations and educational materials, including:

o Residence Life Guide to Residence Hall Living:

o Students were sent an e-mail to review this information and when completed, they were able to submit answers to a test and could win a prize raffle for completing the test.

o Orientation sessions with first-year students and First Floor Meetings during the week before classes begin.

o Safety and security e-mail updates and reminders to students for unusual campus events where non-community members may be on campus, such as the Michelle Obama campaign event.

o Onity and C-Cure locking information fliers, on how to engage the deadbolt locks on a student room and other reminders regarding watching out for the community and not allowing non-residents into the buildings behind you when you enter.

o Ongoing e-mail information sent to students to remind them of safety and security during crisis situations or incidents challenging personal safety occur.

o Planned and implemented over 30 specific residence hall programs to educate and involve residents in safety and security measures, and to be able to meet outcomes for student learning within the first six weeks of the semester.

E-memos Sent to Students

Oct. 31 Statements From the Combined CU-Boulder Leadership in Response to Two Criminal Incidents in Boulder on Oct. 30

Nov. 6, CU reminding campus community of safety practices in response to off-campus assaults

Nov. 19, Boulder Police investigating sexual assault are asking witnesses

News Releases

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Nov. 6 CU Reminding Students of Safety Precautions and Community Resources Following

Oct. 31 Statements from the Combined CU-Boulder Leadership in Response to Two Criminal Incidents in Boulder on Oct. 30

Aug. 13, City and CU Welcome Students During Back-to-School "Walkabouts"

Aug. 20, Fact Sheet On CU-Boulder Safety Measure and Safety Tips

Op Eds

Brautigam and Peterson: Safety, first

Emergency planning is a proactive mission

Other Safety Messages

Oct. 28, Testing of CU-Boulder's Emergency Text Messaging System to Take Place

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In response to SAE Incidents