CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business Sources on Financial Crisis

Published: Sept. 30, 2008

Sanjai Bhagat, professor of finance, can address the credit crisis brought on by the subprime mortgage industry. Bhagat's research interests include corporate lawsuits and business valuation and his teaching interests include corporate finance and governance and also entrepreneurial finance. He can be reached at 303-492-7821 or Sanjai.Bhagat@Colorado.EDU.

Chris Leach, professor of finance and Robert H. and Beverly A. Deming Professor in Entrepreneurship can address issues and concepts related to corporate bailouts. His research interests include corporate and venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, structure of securities markets, real options, information economics and game theory. His teaching interests include corporate and venture financing, derivative securities markets and investment banking. He can be reached at 303-492-5665 or Chris.Leach@Colorado.EDU.

Ron Melicher, professor of finance, can discuss corporate mergers, bankruptcy and other restructuring; asymmetric information and financial signaling topics; and entrepreneurial finance issues. His teaching interests include business financial management, applied corporate finance with case applications to financial management topics and issues, and investment banking. He can be reached at 303-492-3182 or Ronald.Melicher@Colorado.EDU.

Nathalie Moyen, associate professor of finance, can address issues related to risk management. Her research interests include capital structure and corporate investments and her teaching interests include derivative securities. She can be reached at 303-735-4931 or Nathalie.Moyen@Colorado.EDU.

Michael Stutzer, professor of finance, can address the continuing development of a unified approach to investment; securities valuation; and valuation model parameter estimation based on the statistical theory of large deviations. His teaching interests include financial theory and fixed-income securities analysis. He can be reached at 303-492-4348 or Michael.Stutzer@Colorado.EDU.

Tom Thibodeau, Global Real Estate Capital Market Chair, CU Real Estate Center, can address concepts and issues related to capital markets, the rating agencies and the subprime mortgage industry. His research interests include measuring and modeling spatial and temporal variation in real estate prices, identifying real estate submarket boundaries and real estate investment. He can be reached at 303-735-4021 or Tom.Thibodeau@Colorado.EDU.