Published: June 28, 2004

The University of Colorado at Boulder already has begun to implement the preliminary action plan on reorganization and oversight of intercollegiate athletics, which was announced May 27, according to CU-Boulder Chancellor Richard L. Byyny.

Byyny provided a summary of implementation activities during an audit and finance study session of the CU Board of Regents on Tuesday, June 29, in the Coors Events/Conference Center. Copies of an ongoing progress report were distributed at the meeting.

Although the plan will not be officially effective until July 1, Byyny said campus and athletics staff members already have begun implementing many of the action items outlined in the plan. He expressed appreciation to campus and athletics personnel for "their immediate and thoughtful response to the challenge of change."

He noted that a number of initial meetings and discussions have taken place in an effort to "integrate the Athletics Department more fully into the life of the campus." Discussions have covered such topics as support for students of color, mandatory orientation and Life Skills programs for student athletes, team rules and improving fan behavior.

In addition, the campus has begun establishing the Academic Policy Board for Athletics, which will advise Provost Phil DiStefano on departmental issues such as admissions standards, recruiting practices, hiring processes and long-range planning, among others.

Byyny said organizational changes outlined in the action plan are being implemented as the campus clarifies day-to-day work relationships, areas of responsibility and lines of authority. Also, discussions have been held on seeking ways of supporting gender equity in the Athletics Department and enhancing campus-wide training on issues surrounding sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The campus is developing closer communication between athletics and campus financial personnel, Byyny said. An evaluation of business and financial controls within athletics is included among proposed audits to be done by the Department of Internal Audit next year.

In his remarks, Byyny also reviewed steps taken to implement changes in the football recruiting practices that were announced in March. The program has begun the process of developing a new schedule for recruitment visits beginning this fall. The football player handbook will be revised this summer to reflect the changes made in policies and practices.

Byyny said he was pleased with "the progress made in just four short weeks, but we have just begun. Changing a culture, whether within the campus or within the Athletics Department, is a continuous process. We accept the challenge and intend to persevere."

The campus intends to provide regular updates on progress made toward implementing the action plan, the chancellor said.

Athletics Action Plan Implementation Report.