CU-Boulder Names Finalists For Dean Of Engineering

Published: March 20, 2002

Five finalists have been selected to participate in campus interviews during April for the position of dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The finalists, and the dates of their campus interviews, follow:

* Reza Abbaschian, Vladimir A. Grodsky Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, will visit the campus April 8-9. Abbaschian has served as chairman of the department of materials science and engineering since 1986. 

He received his doctorate in 1971 from the University of California, Berkeley, in materials science and engineering.

* Paul Cohen, professor of computer science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, will visit April 15-16. Cohen is director of the Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory in the computer science department and has taught at Amherst since 1983.

He received his doctorate in 1983 from Stanford University in computer science and psychology.

* Robert H. Davis, Patten Professor of Chemical Engineering at CU-Boulder, will be interviewed April 18-19. Davis has served as chairman of the department of chemical engineering at CU-Boulder since 1992. He also directs the Interdisciplinary Training for Biotechnology Leadership Program. 

He received his doctorate from Stanford University in 1982 in chemical engineering.

* Way Kuo, professor of industrial and electrical engineering at Texas A&M University, College Station, will visit April 22-23. Kuo has served as Royce E. Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering in Innovation, associate vice chancellor for engineering and executive associate dean at Texas A&M's Look College of Engineering since 2000. He was head of the department of industrial engineering at Texas A&M from 1993 to 2000. 

He received his doctorate from Kansas State University in 1980 in industrial engineering.

* Roop L. Mahajan, professor of mechanical engineering at CU-Boulder, will be interviewed April 25-26. Mahajan currently serves as interim dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He has taught at CU-Boulder since 1991, and is director of two research centers -- MicroElectronic Devices in Cardiovascular Applications and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging of Microwave, Optical and Digital Electronics. 

He received his doctorate from Cornell University in 1977 in mechanical engineering.

The candidates will meet with faculty, students, staff and advisory board members from the College of Engineering. They also will meet with the provost, university administrators and the search committee during their two-day visits. 

Times and locations for the meetings will be distributed by College of Engineering administrators.

For more information, call James Williams, chair of the search committee, at (303) 492-5537.