Published: Oct. 28, 1997

The 1997-98 Sewall Symposium Series at the University of Colorado at Boulder will continue Nov. 5 with a talk by Dave Foreman, co-founder of the radical environmental action group, Earth First!

Foreman’s address, “In Defense of the Wild,” is free and open to the public. The talk will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Chemistry Building, room 140, next to the University Memorial Center.

In his lecture, Foreman will argue that human beings are causing massive changes in the biosphere of the planet and that human activity has become a threat to the very process of evolution. “We may lose one-third of all species in the next 40 years,” he said.

Further stating that people need to devise a new relationship with the natural world, he will propose an array of approaches and tools to use in defense of biodiversity.

The symposium series, which is part of the “Conversations on America” course taught at Sewall Hall, is organized around the theme of “Rights and Responsibilites.” The series opened in September with Mari Matsuda’s talk on affirmative action.

The series is sponsored by the Sewall Academic Program, the President’s Fund for the Humanities, the Office of the Chancellor and the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

For more information call the Sewall Academic Program at 492-6004.