CU-Boulder Experts Available To Discuss Dow Crash

Published: Oct. 27, 1997

As you piece together information about the impact of the Dow’s latest correction for your readers, please keep in mind the following professors at the College of Business and Administration at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Michael Goldstein is a professor of finance who is in his second year of a two-year position as a researcher at the NYSE. He’s in an unusual and valuable position: NYSE employees on the floor of the exchange cannot talk to the press. Michael, however, is on the floor daily as a researcher. His perspective is vivid, lively and highly reputable.

Goldstein, assistant professor of finance, can be reached at (212) 656-5656.

Chris Leach is teaching a course on investment banking sponsored by Lehman Bros. Leach, an expert in the structure of securities markets, information economics and game theory, is an ideal source for stories on how Americans are reacting to the drop.

Leach, associate professor of finance, can be reached at (303) 492-5665.

Sanjai Bhagat’s research on institutional investors has been making news for months. He recently presented findings to the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department.

Bhagat, an assistant professor of finance, can be reached at (303) 492-7821.

Russ Wermers, assistant professor of finance, is an expert in investments and institutional investor behavior. His most recent research projects look at mutual fund management and performance.

Wermers can be reached at (303) 492-0890.