Published: Oct. 12, 1997

Scholars who study behavioral decision-making will attend a marketing camp at the University of Colorado at Boulder this week to present research and discuss trends.

The camp, sponsored by CU and coordinated by marketing professors Dilip Soman and Dipankar Chakravarti, is a precursor to the national Association for Consumer Research conference in Denver. It begins Tuesday evening at the Boulder Broker Inn at 30th Street and Baseline Road and resumes at 8:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Soman said he hopes that universities close to future ACR conferences will sponsor similar forums. "The opportunity to discuss these findings in small groups is significant for researchers who study consumer decision making," he said.

The scholars will discuss how future research can be made more relevant to practicing managers and present new findings on a variety of topics including:

Whether offering a variety of products helps or hurts a brand;

How consumers use information provided by critics or experts;

How marketers can use research in consumer decision making to build models of “intelligent agents.”

Scholars from CU, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Cal Tech and the University of Pennsylvania are among the distinguished participants.