The Tenth Fellows Program Kicks Off For 1997-98 At CU-Boulder

Published: Sept. 28, 1997

Ten employees at the University of Colorado have been selected for the 1997-98 Fellows Program as the program celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The Fellows Program is a professional development program for CU employees from all levels of the organization who have exhibited a potential for excellence in their work at CU. Through the program, employees learn about the inner workings of the university, preparing them for possible long-term careers in the organization.

The Fellows Program is sponsored by the three Boulder Campus vice chancellors.

A primary goal of the program is to provide employees with a better understanding of CU so that they can help the university accomplish its goals through their jobs in departments across campus. The program content focuses on the role and mission, and history and values of the university, including CU-Boulder’s role in the outside community.

Employees who have worked at the university for at least two years can be nominated for Fellows or apply directly. Participants attend approximately 15 half-day sessions throughout the year, including lectures and discussions. They also work on a group project examining a topic proposed by the vice chancellors.

The Fellows Class of 1997-98 includes: Vince Calvo, Mailing Services; Karen Schaefer, Staff Personnel; Tzuyea Yu, Accounting; Craig Hanson, CU Museum; Patty McDonald, BUENO Center; Helene McHendry, University Libraries; Arnold Greer, Counseling Services; Susan Smith, Cultural Unity Center; Margaret Dillon, University of Colorado Student Union; and Chris Griffen, Central Administration.

For further information of the Fellows Program, including how to apply for the 1998-99 Program, please contact Jackie Jimmerson, Program Moderator, 492-7523.