CU-Boulder Plans Traffic Assistance Around Street Construction Site

Published: Aug. 17, 1997

New auto and foot traffic patterns have been developed temporarily for a central part of the University of Colorado at Boulder to help students, faculty, staff and visitors navigate around a construction project when the fall semester begins this month.

Access to parking lots and to residence halls for student move-in will not be affected. Also, there will be no direct impact on scheduled classes, activities or programs.

A new storm drainage system and other utility improvements are being installed on 18th Street near the Euclid Autopark and Imig Music Building. Since the project began in April, workers have been laying a 20-foot-deep trench along a 2,400-foot section of the street to accommodate the new system.

Completion of the project has been delayed by recent rainy weather and related problems.

Pedestrian and auto traffic will be affected by the 18th Street blockage, requiring alternate routes for both cars and people on foot, according to Steve Thweatt, assistant director of facilities management.

The street, including the heavily used crosswalk between Euclid Autopark and Imig Music Building, will be closed for about two more weeks while installation of new storm sewers is completed, Thweatt said.

Pedestrians will be routed along alternative walkways south and west of Euclid Autopark and south and east of Imig Music Building. Pedestrians also may use Engine Alley north of Sibell Wolle Fine Arts and the Hunter Science Building, and the walkway north and east of the JILA Building. Automobiles will be directed away from the construction site.

From Aug. 18 to Aug. 26, staff members will be stationed at the intersection of 18th and Euclid streets, along 18th Street north to Colorado Avenue and near campus residence halls to help direct auto and foot traffic during peak periods. They will be highly visible and trained to answer questions, give directions and provide visitor information, Thweatt said.

Signs will be installed to help direct drivers and pedestrians around the 18th Street site and throughout the campus.

“We regret the inconvenience caused by this necessary construction project,” said Peter Barden, acting vice chancellor for administration. “Our goal was to be finished by the time classes started, but heavy rains and flooding created unavoidable delays. Construction also has been slowed by the discovery of unmapped underground utility equipment, a problem associated with the age and density of campus facilities.”

Recent flooding on campus underscored the need for the improved drainage system, he noted.

Barden said the current plan calls for completion by Aug. 31, weather permitting. “Obviously, we want to be finished as soon as possible to avoid further inconvenience. We appreciate people’s patience with this delay in completion.”

HOP bus service will continue to be rerouted onto Regent Drive and the Williams Village buses will continue to operate with routing changes begun in April to accommodate construction.