Top CU Law School Graduates Named To Order Of The Coif

Published: July 8, 1997

Sixteen graduating law students at the University of Colorado at Boulder have been selected as members of the honorary Order of the Coif for high academic achievement throughout their law school careers.

The students represent the top 10 percent of 1996-97 graduates from the CU School of Law.

The law school graduated 167 students in May and recognized the top 15 percent of students from the December and May graduating classes at the May commencement. Students in the top 10 percent were selected in late June for the 1997 Order of the Coif.

Named to the 1997 Order of the Coif from the CU School of Law are: Robert E. Barrett III, John Owen Borum, Jennifer Lee Bradfield, Alison Cornell, Gillian Dale, Ingrid Elaine Decker, John Ashley Hickey, Cameron Maclean Kenyon, Kent Alan Lembke, Bridgette M. Paige, Roxane Joy Perruso, Stephen D. Prodnuk, Melissa Kay Richards, Kevin Keith Robitaille, Patrick Cook-Hanalei Spencer and Morgan Anna Word.

The English Order of the Coif was an ancient and honored institution of the Common Law, which included distinguished lawyers and barristers. The order took its name from the coif, or cap, which all members wore.

The American Order was formed in 1911 for the purpose of promoting scholarship among law students. Only the top 10 percent of the graduating class of each school is eligible for membership.