Published: July 8, 1997

High school students from the statewide program Youth in Natural Resources will participate in a variety of seminars and hands-on activities at the CU-Boulder Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory on July 16 from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Hands-on lab experiments will expose students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds to opportunities in natural resources, the importance of environmental issues and the benefits of higher education. Students will conduct experiments with ITLL’s interactive exhibits on topics like fluid dynamics, chaos theory and weather.

ITLL, located in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, is an interactive laboratory designed to engage undergraduate engineering students in real world research. The facility also is being used by Colorado school children and teachers to generate interest in engineering and science.

YNR is an intensive conservation corps and environmental education program. The students, who come from diverse backgrounds, are paid minimum wage during the summer to perform environmental work throughout Colorado and participate in educational activities introducing them to natural resource issues and job opportunities.

For more information contact Amy Taylor, CU-Boulder Public Relations, at 492-8384 or Pat Martinez, YNR Program Coordinator, at 866-2540. Exhibits and experiments are suggested as possible feature photographs.