CU Engineering Professor Receives Awards For Excellence In Teaching

Published: July 1, 1997

Professor John Falconer of the chemical engineering department at the University of Colorado at Boulder has received two awards for outstanding teaching skills and for his dedication in motivating students to get the most out of their learning experiences.

Falconer was one of four university professors from around the country who received $5,000 for the Responsible Care National Catalyst Award given by the Chemical Manufactures Association. He was cited not only for his teaching but for the countless hours he has spent revising lectures, developing demonstrations, evaluating student feedback and seeking ways to improve student learning.

Falconer also received the $500 Rocky Mountain Section Outstanding Award from the American Society for Engineering Education. He won the award for teaching highly demanding and respected courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, for having excellent rapport with students and for being available to advise and assist students.

He also was recognized for continuous introduction of new demonstrations, interactive computer programs and problem-solving techniques.

“When I see students who come back and have been successful, it’s a really gratifying experience,” Falconer said.