CU This Summer Program To Offer Cultural Events Throughout State

Published: April 22, 1997

Ten Colorado communities will host the University of Colorado at Boulder’s outreach program, CU This Summer, providing art and museum exhibits, dance and music performances throughout the state.

According to estimates, more than 300,000 individuals have attended CU This Summer events in the nine years the popular community outreach program has traveled around the state.

CU This Summer cultural events are sponsored by local communities for the enrichment of residents and summer visitors. Participating this year are Brighton, Burlington, Cortez, Durango, Estes Park, Grand Junction, La Junta, Lamar, Montrose and Pueblo.

Dates for the dance and music performances are from May 19 to May 24, while most arts and museum exhibits will be from May 24 through Sept. 1.

The exhibits include works from the state-owned Colorado Collection of art housed at CU-Boulder in the CU Art Galleries, and from the University of Colorado Museum.

Attached is a schedule of performances and exhibits in various locations. For information about times and admission charges call the local telephone numbers.

CU This Summer

Performances and Exhibits

• Brighton -- Exhibit, “Small Wonders: Insect Photos by Fran Hall,” color and black-and-white close-up photographs, May 24 through Sept. 1 in the Adams County Museum, 9601 Henderson Rd., (303) 659-7103, sponsored by the Adams County Museum.

• Burlington -- Exhibit, “By the Sweat of Your Brow: Images of Work,” prints from the 1940s by artists Mendez, Bracho, Lawrence, Adams, Zalce, Kent and Millman, May 24 through Sept. 1, Old Town Museum, 420 S. 14th St., (719) 346-7382, sponsored by the Old Town Museum.

• Cortez -- Exhibit, “The Mexican Portfolio,” black-and-white photographs of the people of Mexico taken in the 1930s by noted photographer Paul Strand, May 24 through Sept. 1, Cortez CU Center, 25 N. Market St., (970) 565-1151, sponsored by the Cortez CU Center.

• Durango -- One-week residency including dance workshops for all ages directed by graduate students in the CU-Boulder Contemporary Dance Works, culminating in a performance on May 24 with local participants. The residency takes place May 19 through May 23, (970) 259-2606, sponsored by Durango Dance Coalition, a program of the Durango Arts Center.

• Estes Park -- Exhibit, “Exploring Our Place in Nature,” paintings by Eve Drewelowe and Henry Varnum Poor, photographs and maplike images, June 5 through Sept. 7, Estes Park Conference Center, 201 South St. Vrain, (970) 586-9203, sponsored by the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park.

• Grand Junction -- Exhibit, “Beyond the Loom: Keys to Understanding Early Southwestern Textiles,” large color photographs of textiles with text and graphics showing the methods and history of weaving by native people of the Southwest, May 24 through Sept. 1, Museum of Western Colorado, 248 S. 4th St., (970) 242-0971, sponsored by the Museum of Western Colorado.

• La Junta -- Exhibit, “Among Ancient Ruins: The Explorations of Earl H. Morris,” black and white photographs from the 1920s and 1930s by renowned archaeologist Earl H. Morris of the University of Colorado Museum, May 24 through Sept. 1 in the Koshare Indian Museum, 115 W. 18th St., (719) 384-4411, sponsored by the Koshare Indian Museum.

• Lamar -- Exhibit, “Chaeroneia: 6000 Years B.C.,” life in this village in central Greece more than 9,000 years ago is documented through photographs, illustrations and three-dimensional reconstructions, May 24 through Sept. 1 in the Lamar Public Library, 104 E. Parmenter St., (719) 336-4632, sponsored by KLMR/KSEC Radio, the Lamar Daily News and Friends of the Library.

• Montrose -- Two exhibits:

“Impressions: A 24-Hour Portrait of University Hospital,” photographs taken Sept. 8, 1995, documenting 24 hours at the University of Colorado’s teaching hospital in Denver, June 2 through June 21 in the Montrose Pavilion, 1800 Pavilion Drive, (800) 982-2518, sponsored by the Visual Arts Guild and University Hospital.

“Exploring Yellow Jacket: The Anasazi Site that Continues to Grow,” shows 30 years of archaeological research by University of Colorado Museum Curator Joe Ben Wheat, on the architecture and artifacts retrieved from excavations near Yellow Jacket, Colo., June 24 through Sept. 1 also in the Montrose Pavilion, (800) 982-2518, sponsored by the Montrose Pavilion.

• Pueblo -- One-week residency by CU-Boulder Lyric Theatre students of performance from the children’s operas, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Seymour Barab and “Hansel and Gretel” by Engelbert Humperdinck, May 19 through May 23 in several elementary schools, (719) 549-7149, sponsored by the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation and Pueblo School District 60.

CU This Summer sponsorship is shared by the host communities and the Boulder Campus Outreach Council, CU Office of Business and Community Relations, department of theatre and dance, CU Art Galleries, University of Colorado Museum and College of Music with support from the Office of Public Relations.