CU-Boulder Continuing Education Offers World Wide Web Courses

Published: March 16, 1997

The University of Colorado at Boulder Division of Continuing Education now offers nine courses over the World Wide Web in a variety of subjects.

The on-line courses are interactive, using one or more of the features of the Internet for conducting instruction via computer. Students can take the courses from anywhere in the world with Internet access, making e-mail and Web connections from their homes, offices, libraries or other locations equipped with connected computers.

Following is a description of the 10 on-line courses available to anyone through the CU-Boulder Division of Continuing Education.

• “Managing Process Technology,” taught by Stephen Lawrence, Ph.D., examines the critical role of technological process innovation in the global competitiveness of the firm. The graduate-level business-oriented course addresses the application and management of technology in creating and delivering goods and services. This new Internet version of the course breaks with the classroom tradition and is delivered entirely via the World Wide Web in a self-paced study format.

• “Conflict Management in Social Systems” provides a broad overview of state-of-the-art conflict resolution techniques such as negotiation, consensus building, mediation and arbitration as well as special strategies for dealing with intractable conflicts that defy resolution. The undergraduate course gives an opportunity to apply general conflict management techniques to specific conflict situations. Instructors are Guy and Heidi Burgess, both Ph.Ds.

• “Computer-Mediated Communication in Organizations,” where undergraduate students study actual computer communication in organizations from the World Wide Web.

• “Principles of Macroeconomics,” a self-paced course for undergraduates conducted entirely on the Internet.

• “Bones, Bodies and Disease,” provides a detailed study for undergraduates of the human skeleton and introduction to the techniques used to evaluate demographic variables.

• “Introduction to Human Geography” for undergraduates on the broad field of human relationships to the environment.

• Other on-line courses for undergraduates are “Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science,” “Communication and Society” and “Family and Society.”

For information about on-line and Independent Study courses contact the CU-Boulder Division of Continuing Education at (303) 492-8757 or (800) 331-2801 outside Denver. A home page for Independent Study is located at