Published: March 3, 1997

Twenty-four students at the University of Colorado at Boulder have received scholarships to study this spring in countries around the globe.

The students choose from among 100 programs in 55 countries offered by CU-Boulder’s Study Abroad program and receive course credit for their overseas studies.

Following are the names of Study Abroad scholarship recipients, their hometowns, award amounts, locations, study abroad semesters and academic majors.


Aspen - Cory Dunne, $600, Santiago, Dominican Republic, spring 1997, environmental studies and international affairs.

Avon - Steve Schneider, $700, Lancaster, England, spring 1997, aerospace engineering.

Boulder - David Jones, $800, Copenhagen, Denmark, spring 1997, architecture. He also received a $1,000 scholarship from Denmark’s International Studies Program; Chris Saso, $400, Wollongong, Australia, spring 1997, psychology; Jennifer Seger, $400, Norwich, England, spring 1997, humanities; and Kelley Smilkstein, $500, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, spring 1997, Spanish and theater.

Broomfield - Carol Koch, $400, Monterrey, Mexico, spring 1997, Spanish.

Calhan - Julie Jagodzinske, $500, Seville, Spain, spring 1997, journalism and international affairs.

Lakewood - Andrea Heid, $600, Wollongong, Australia, spring 1997, kinesiology.

Littleton - Kelly Rohlfing, $700, St. Petersburg, Russia, spring 1997, international affairs: Molly Wilbur, $500, Brussels, Belgium, spring 1997, accounting.

Longmont - Julie Vick, $400, Alicante, Spain, spring 1997, English and journalism.

Superior - Jessica Cirelli, $600, Seville, Spain, spring 1997, history.

Wheat Ridge - Amy Keller, $750, St. Petersburg, Russia, spring 1997, environmental, population and organismic biology.


South Windsor - Shawn Gilbert, $400, Guadalajara, Mexico, spring 1997, open option major.


Springfield - Kathryn Schnepp, $400, Wollongong, Australia, spring 1997, kinesiology.


Carson City - Kimberly Hood, $700, Prague, Czech Republic, spring 1997, humanities.


Newfoundland - Jeff Garnas, $800, Santiago, Chile, spring 1997, psychology.


Cincinnati - Linda Gerson,$400, Monteverde, Costa Rica, spring 1997, environmental studies.

Springfield - David Winks, $300, Sydney, Australia, spring 1997, chemical engineering.


Salem - Laura Magnum, $600, Granada, Spain, spring 1997, Spanish and psychology.


Pittsburgh - Michael Cummins, $300, Monterrey, Mexico, spring 1997, international affairs.


Burke - Brenden Jaco, $300, Monterrey, Mexico, spring 1997, international business and marketing.

Vienna - Richard Evans, $400, Wollongong, Australia, spring 1997, studio arts.