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Exam Grading Rates

(Effective January 13th, 2014)

The Testing and Assessment Center is now using new forms. These forms cannot be intermingled with the old forms or with each other. Please only use forms which say "University of Colorado Boulder" on them. If you have any old, unused forms please return them for credit.

Answer Sheets

120 Question, 240 Question or 180 Question (10 Options) $.10 each
Custom black and white $.15 /side
Custom color $.40 /side

Exam Grading

Base exam grading includes the following reports: Alpha, ID w/o name, alpha by section, distribution of scores, histogram, and item analysis.

Does not include: Answer sheets purchased or individual student reports.

Base Exam Grading $23.50/version + $.09/sheet
Individual Student Reports $3.50/version + $.09/printed report


Using answer sheets: $23.50/version + $.09/sheet

File Creation

Merged File $10.00
CSV (for Desire2Learn Upload) $16.00
Semester Grading $37.00/class per semester +$3.50/grade item

Survey Scan Rates

Frequency Results $23.50/group + $.09/sheet
Administrative Survey Results $37.00/group + $.09/sheet
Survey Development & Consulting $47.50/hour

OMR Scanning Rates

Custom Editing $47.50/hour
For 24-hour rush jobs add $25.00
Unclaimed Exams Shredded $.01/sheet

Interdepartmental speed types or IN’s, cash or checks (with a CU ID) will be accepted. Call for off-campus rates.