Thank Your Donor

Say “THANKS” for your Scholarship

University of Colorado Boulder alumni and friends make contributions to scholarship funds that help pay for your education.  You already know that when you receive a gift, saying thank you is the right thing to do. The scholarship you received is a gift; a note of thanks to the donor is a great way to show your appreciation.

Scholarship donors look forward to getting to know who they are helping.  A thoughtful, well-written note describing your interests and goals affirms the value and significance of their generosity.

Letter Writing Tips

  • We prefer typed letters with your signature. Letters may be hand-written but must be legible.
  • Sincerely express your gratitude for the award/scholarship and tell the donor how it will help you.
  • You may want to address your scholastic activities as well as your community service, hobbies or interests, intended college major, and career goals if known. 
  • Proof-read and spell-check your letter.
  • Send the letter to the address listed on your award notification. Contact Scholarship Services at 303-492-4533 or if you have questions.
  • You may also include a photograph with your letter.

Other Ways to Show your Appreciation

  • Be sure to attend if you are invited to an event to honor the scholarship donors and recipients.
  • Send progress reports and another letter after graduation if your scholarship is renewed.
  • Donors are often alumni who received scholarships when they were students and wish to return the favor.  After graduation, remember how the scholarship helped you.  When you are in a position to do so, consider making a gift to support CU Boulder students and continue the tradition of giving.