Directory Information

FERPA directory information is information contained in your education record that generally would not be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Under current CU-Boulder policy, the following information is designated as directory information:

    1. Student name
    2. Student address (including designated local, mailing and home addresses)
    3. Local telephone number (not those defined as home or cell)
    4. Campus email address
    5. Dates of attendance
    6. Previous educational institutions attended
    7. School/College or division of enrollment
    8. Majors, minors and field of study
    9. Class (e.g., freshman, sophomore)
    10. University-recognized honors and awards as well as degrees, honors or awards applied for or conferred (including certificates, thesis and dissertation titles) and dates conferred
    11. Enrollment status (e.g., full-time or part-time student status)
    12. Expected date of completion in enrolled course of study
    13. Employment related to student status (e.g., teaching assistant, resident assistant or tutor)
    14. Participation in officially recognized activities/sports, including height and weight of athletes
    15. College Opportunity Fund application and authorization status for Colorado residents
    16. Class seating assignment and roster for students enrolled in a common course
    17. Photo of student: Buff OneCard
    18. Student employment status (e.g., teaching assistant, resident advisor, work study or other), positions held at the university and dates of employment.

Although these items are designated by CU-Boulder as directory information, only a limited amount of this information is routinely disclosed by CU-Boulder officials, and the University retains the discretion to refuse to disclose directory information if it believes such disclosure would be an infringement of your privacy rights.

FERPA directory information as used in this policy should not be confused with the directory information CU-Boulder lists in online or printed student directories. In an effort to protect student privacy, CU directories contain only a student's name, email address, class and major field of study.

CU-Boulder may change the designation of directory information from time to time. You will be notified of changes through email publication.


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