Transfer Credit Policies, Practices, Guidelines, and Attribute Flags

Transfer Credit Information Flags

The following flags are used on transfer courses to display further action that might need to be taken. Students should pay special attention to these flags and if they need to provide additional information to UCB for review. Typically this information is submitted to the Admissions Transfer Credit Manager prior to the student’s orientation. For additional information contact

Core Curriculum Flags

The mainstay of the general education requirements is the College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum. Other colleges and schools on the UCB campus have variations of this curriculum but often honor or follow the guidelines of the College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum. The core curriculum requirements are divided into two parts: skills acquisition and content areas of study. The following flags can be used as a reference when a transfer course may be applicable to requirements in the core curriculum.




Courses assigned to the College of Arts & Sciences activity hours


Courses applicable to Contemporary Societies


Courses applicable to Critical Thinking


Courses assigned to Non-ENVD elective credit


Courses applicable to Foreign Language


Courses applicable to Historical Content


Courses applicable to Human Diversity


Courses applicable to Humanities and Social Science


Courses applicable to Ideals and Values


Courses applicable to Literature and the Arts Lower Division


Courses applicable to Literature and the Arts Upper Division


Courses applicable to Natural Science Lab


Courses applicable to Natural Science Non – Sequence


Courses applicable to Natural Science Sequence


Courses applicable to Quantitative Reasoning and Math Skills


Courses applicable to United States Context


Courses applicable to written communication lower division


Courses applicable to Written Communication Upper Division

View Course Attribute Flags




Needs Review - A review of this generic course by the appropriate college or school on the UCB campus for applicability towards specific requirements is pending. No further action is needed by the student at this time.


Review Complete – Course transfers and does not apply toward CORE. Upon arrival to CU Boulder, a student can see their academic advisor for a review toward major requirements.


Needs Syllabus - The student should submit the syllabus for this course in order for it to be further reviewed on the UCB campus for the applicability of the course. Initially only generic credit will be awarded.***


Syllabus Reviewed - Reviewed all course materials, including syllabus. Applicability and transferability decisions are final.


Course Description – The student should submit a course description from the original completion date for further review of applicability of the course toward requirements.


Needs Portfolio - The student should submit their portfolio to their advisor for this course to be reviewed on the UCB campus for the transferability and/or applicability of the course.


Faculty Review – The student should submit all documentation related to the class for review on the UCB campus for transferability and/or applicability of the course.


Music Review – A review of this generic course by the appropriate music department for applicability toward specific degree requirements is pending.

***The UCB course equivalent of NEED SYLLABUS is different than this SY course attribute flag. Courses listed with the NEED SYLLABUS course equivalents are not awarded credit at the initial evaluation. The course syllabus is required for review of the course for possible transferability and/or applicability toward degree requirements.

GT Pathways Flags

GT Pathways is a set of general education courses that the state guarantees to transfer. Receiving institutions shall apply guaranteed general education courses to a student's general education or major requirements. Approved courses in GT Pathways are not based on course equivalencies but meet content and competency criteria. Students must complete the entire category at the community college in order to fulfill the UCB area degree requirements. These flags may appear on GT Pathways course as indicators, but each course will be reviewed by the appropriate college or school for applicability towards requirements after the student enrolls at UCB .  




Arts and Expression (GT-AH1)


Literature and Humanities (GT-AH2)


Ways of Thinking (GT-AH3)


Foreign Languages (GT-AH4)


Intro Writing Course (GT-CO1)


Intermediate Writing Course (GT-CO2)


Advanced Writing Course (GT-CO3)


History (GT-HI1)


Mathematics (GT-MA1)


Natural and Physical Sciences with Required Laboratory (GT-SC1)


Natural and Physical Sciences Lecture without Required Laboratory (GT-SC2)


Economic or Political Systems (GT-SS1)


Geography (GT-SS2)


Human Behavior, Culture, or Social Frameworks (GT-SS3)

MAPS Flags

MAPS Flags:
Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS) is based on high school course work. Students graduating from high school in 1988 or later are subject to completion of MAPS requirements. While students can be admitted to CU Boulder with deficiencies in this area, they will be required to complete the appropriate courses once enrolled. The following flags can be used as a reference when a transfer course may be applicable to requirements.




Courses assigned to Mathematics MAPS


Courses assigned to Chemistry MAPS


Courses assigned to Physics MAPS


Courses assigned to Natural Science Lab or Lab/Lecture MAPS


Courses assigned to Natural Science MAPS


Courses assigned to Social Science US Context MAPS


Courses assigned to Social Science World Context MAPS


Courses assigned to Geography MAPS


Courses assigned to Social Science MAPS


Courses assigned to English MAPS


A course equivalency that does not have an exact course match in the UCB course catalog. For example, ENGL1999TC is a ‘generic’ English course and ENGL 1001 is a specific course.


Refers to the granting of transfer credit to a course from another institution that meets established UCB guidelines. 


The application of a transfer course to a particular requirement in the UCB curriculum. For example, WRTG1999TC may have a flag (WCL) indicating the course is applied toward the A&S Core lower division written communication requirement.

Viewing Transfer Credit in DARS

Please click here to download information on viewing transfer credit in DARS.

The schools and colleges at the University of Colorado are the primary source of requirements for the degree and curriculum policies applicable to students. Below are policies and practices specific to the University.

Policies and Guidelines of Transfer Credit:

The University of Colorado works to recognize previous work by transfer students that meet the expectations of the faculty for academic content and rigor.

Admissions Transfer Credit Information

College/School Transfer Credit Information:

Identifying Transfer Credit in your Degree Audit Report:

A complete listing of your transfer credit evaluation can be found at the bottom of the audit in the section “Transfer Credit.” How to Read A Degree Audit.

Transferology - Transfer Credit Equivalencies:

In partnership with CollegeSource, Transferology is an online planning tool for transfer credit equivalencies. View transferable credits by course, by school or compare multiple schools at once visit the Admissions Office.

Course Attribute Flags:

Transfer credit, for students who entered the University of Colorado in Fall 2010 or later, will be viewable through DARSweb by using the Courses then View Courses icon. (Click here for instructions to access DARSweb) Transfer credit from before Fall 2010 appears within the degree audit but will not have the course attribute flags described below.

Course attributes, also known as flags, may appear on transfer and/or UCB campus courses. These flags can be used in the evaluation of transfer courses to indicate fulfillment of major or degree requirements or that additional information needed for the transfer course.


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