Course Cutbacks & Repeat Rules

Each college/school may consider and apply cutback of credits for repeated courses differently. All courses will appear on the transcript. GPA calculations vary by college/school. Please see your academic advisor or course catalog for more information.

The following criteria are used by the degree audit to process courses that a student repeats and that are considered similar in content. The cutback of credit for the repeated course will be applied according to the college of the degree audit based on the criteria listed below.


Cutback Policy

Arts and Sciences

Credit given to student for course with HIGHEST GRADE*. Credit given in "hours passed" and "GPA". Occurrence of course with lower grade reflected in "GPA" only.

Architecture and Planning

Credit given to student for MOST RECENT/LAST OCCURRENCE of repeated course. Credit given in "hours passed" and "GPA". Credit for earlier occurrence(s) of course reflected in "GPA" only.

*Grades for transfer course work will not be considered.

Repeat Rules

On March 5, 2009, the Boulder Faculty Assembly voted to eliminate the Course Repetition Program on the Boulder Campus. Students will be able to repeat courses under the course repetition program only through the summer semester of 2010. Beginning in the fall of 2010, all grades will be employed to calculate the grade point average, including any courses that are repeated.


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