Learning By Doing: INVST Summer Service-Learning Experiences

Learning about big issues by interacting directly with the people effected.

Meeting with and asking questions of all sides of a complicated issue.

Developing networking skills.

INVST Students In Midst of Summer Learning Experiences

Two groups of INVST Community Leadership Program students are currently completing their summer experiences: International Summer Service Learning Experience and Sustainability Education in the US Southwest.

INVST Students Attend Detroit Conference

Detroit, Michigan is not a city of ghosts. It is not a city of decay.

INVST Students Experience Community Leadership in Detroit

"What time is it on the clock of the world?"

INVST Students Help Launch LafaYES in Lafayette

Three INVST students through their senior project helped a Centaurus High School student open a new Project YES youth center in Lafayette, LafaYES. The center is 100 percent volunteer run and directed.

INVST Alum Builds Tiny House

INVST graduate Christopher Smith, has built a sustainable "tiny house" in order to make a smaller footprint on Earth and to be more thoughtful about conserving resources.

Waste Not: INVST Students Dedicate Their Academic Year to Community Service Projects

On average, 40 percent of food in the U.S. goes to waste while one-sixth of the population is considered food insecure.

INVST Fall 2012 RETURNS Newsletter

The INVST Community Leadership Program recently published their Fall 2012 RETURNS Newsletter highlighting the work of INVST a

INVST Grad Cayte Bosler: EcoFlight Reflections

INVST grad, Cayte Bosler, had her article "Flying the Colorado River: Our Rapidly Disappearing Life Source" published October 31, 2012 by the online Elephant Journal.

INVST Community Studies Spring Courses 2013

It is time for CU students to register!  All INVST classes are about social and environmental justice and community leadership. Click here for more information about the courses INVST is offering for the Spring 2013 semester.


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