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Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement (IECE)

The Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement was created specifically to nurture and encourage ethical and civic education at CU-Boulder. The institute serves as a forum, catalyst, coordinator and, especially, a forceful proponent for faculty members, students, administrators, and community leaders who wish to encourage ethical and civic engagement at CU-Boulder so we can effectively integrate these dimensions of education into our curriculum, co-curricular programs, and campus culture.

As part of this effort, we assist colleges, schools, departments, and student organizations to develop model projects, certificate programs, capstone projects, and courses in this area. And we serve as a catalyst for creative thinking, bringing local, national and international leaders to campus and hosting conferences, workshops, and seminars for the exchange of ideas.

IECE Student Programs

  • Puksta Scholars
  • Peace Corps
  • Public Interest Internship Experience (PIIE)
  • Teach for America Program
  • Service Learning Abroad
  • Student Worker Alliance Program
  • Public Achievement
  • CU Dialogues Program

IECE Faculty/Staff Programs

  • Model Projects
  • Education and Training
  • Course Development and Other Academic Programs
  • The Annual Serving Communities Award Program

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