Summer "Cruises" for Navy ROTC Midshipmen

Experiential learning opportunities are a critical part of the Navy ROTC program and required for midshipmen. Midshipmen serve on ships, submarines, or with aviation squadrons during summer training cruises. Five midshipmen reflect upon their cruises this past summer and the observations they made about the leadership of others or of themselves. Click on each name to read their entire reflection.

MIDN Benedictos
USS George Washington

"Humility was one of the most heavily emphasized leadership traits that I observed. In fact, “be humble” was the most common piece of leadership advice I received while on board the ship. Simply having the title of an officer does not automatically make one a better person."

MIDN Brennan

"I was able to see leadership styles from the Commanding Officer all the way down to the Petty Officers, and then observe the effects of their leadership among those being lead. I found that observing the Executive Officer in particular provided the clearest examples of effective leadership."

MIDN Marcus
USS Halyburton

"What I learned from standing watch and learning PQS information is that there is no time to focus on only one thing.  Good officers must multi-task, and learn their department. One man cannot do everything.  The key to a successful ship is the enlisted sailor working with their officer as a team."

MIDN Mazur
Officer Candidate School

"During Officer Candidate School this summer I learned the real importance of supervision.  While at school I have been taught multiple times that supervision is important but I never dealt with a practical application of it."

MIDN Schmidt
Aviation and Submarine Cruises

"One of the foundational concepts that I have seen throughout my limited naval experiences is the selfless dedication of officer to their subordinates. Officers by definition are those who lead subordinates. Good officers are those that, among a myriad of other traits, not only lead, but also immerse themselves into providing a better professional and personal environment for those underneath them."