Engineering Leadership Program Launches New Website

The Engineering Leadership Program has launched a new website at

The new website provides excellent information about the Engineering Leadership Program and includes Student Perspectives, including that of Joni Sorli.

Jeni’s ELP Experience:

“The Engineering Leadership Program is truly unique in that it not only gives students the freedom to, but also encourages them in becoming, the type of leader they want to be in the future. From my experience, the goal is not to fit a student into a predetermined “leadership mold,” but rather to allow the student the freedom to create their own mold throughout their education by supplying them with the tools and support. Through classes, mentoring, and talks, students are provided with multiple opportunities to broaden their horizons and tune their education in leadership to fit the areas they desire.

“The directors, leaders, program organizers, and professors in the Engineering Leadership Program are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have already helped me in multiple aspects of my college career, and genuinely want to see students succeed. The addition of the Engineering Leadership Program and Certificate to the College of Engineering demonstrates the university’s dedication to its students, as well as its desire to help them broaden their education beyond their degree and apply it to the world around them. As students, our futures consist of much more than the degree we are learning, and an understanding of the impact we can have on those around us will be critical to our futures.”