Air Force ROTC Detachment 105 Accentuates “Service Before Self” During Boulder Floods

BY: C/3C Bruce
Detachment 105

9/27/13 – Boulder, CO – At 0100 on Thursday September 12th, 2013 Boulder, CO residents began to hear the emergency sirens from University of Colorado Boulder pierce through night. Numerous emergency alert systems were activated, from emergency text messages to emergency broadcasts over the radio. Northern CO had entered a state of emergency. As the night drew on, streets became flowing rivers, basements became swimming pools and paths along the creek became a raging torrent of debris washed away by the flash floods. University of Colorado Boulder deemed it necessary to shut down campus for the remainder of the week; however, this did not stop Det. 105 cadets from taking initiative and standing up for what they most value, "Service before self."

Det.105 cadets responded without hesitation and within ten hours of the flood warnings, had sought out community members and neighbors alike to help protect personal homes and apartment buildings. At 1000 Thursday morning, an AFROTC Cadet; Sidney Bonser became aware of a neighborhood in which the homes and apartment buildings were taking on heavy water. He took initiative and used every means he could to get the word out to his fellow cadets that the community was in need. Det. 105 responded in force and put in over 120+ man hours of assistance during the duration of the flooding.

From building dams out of dirt and rock to pushing cars out of parking lots which had become lakes, Det. 105 cadets were there to help in any capacity that the community needed. Cadets walked the streets with shovels slung over their shoulder, helping anyone and everyone they could, and they did so with passion and sincerity as citizens of character.

While families feared the worst for their families and homes, cadets worked alongside community members, utilizing hard work, teamwork and a positive attitude to encourage the community members to stay strong. Det. 105 did not stop here; cadets also organized flood relief service projects the two weekends following the flood to aid the community members whose homes and property had been damaged significantly. On Saturday, September 21st, and Saturday, September 28th, Det. 105 cadets put in 100+ man hours to help restore a functional community.

While it may have been comfortable, dry and safe in their own homes the cadets of Det. 105 took to heart the advice of their commander, Colonel Thompson, "Don't just know the Core Values, live by them." By aiding the community as they did, the cadets of Det. 105 displayed their true colors and gave up their comfort, peace of mind, and safety to help those in need.