2013 Navy ROTC Midshipmen Experiences

Experiential learning opportunities are a critical part of the Navy ROTC program and required for midshipmen. Midshipmen serve on ships, submarines, or with aviation squadrons during summer training cruises. Five midshipmen reflect upon their cruises this past summer and the observations they made about the leadership of others or of themselves. Click on each name to read their entire reflection.

MIDN Delahooke
Officer Candidate School

"While leaders are often expected to have all the right answers, it can be humility and the ingenuity of a skilled team that contribute more to an effort than any one leader could achieve independently."

MIDN Temple
Marine Corp Week NROTC Summer Training

"As a leader you are often removed from the situational data by which you make your decisions. You rely on the people following you to provide you with the right data, just as they rely on you to make the right decision. The leader who best encourages and enables his followers to relay complete, honest, and timely information will be the best decision maker."

MIDN Brennan
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Summer Cruise

"To be a successful leader an officer must grow from one who manages his time well enough to succeed, to one who manages his time well enough to help everyone succeed."