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Completion of the Leadership Studies Minor requires students to take 9 credits of elective coursework across three categories:





Leadership in


Courses focused on:

  • Moral and ethical reasoning
  • Ability to critically evaluate behavior
  • Improved decision-making of life choices

Courses focused on:

  • Enhanced ability to function in a team
  • Building a team with diverse perspective
  • Leading a team effectively to accomplish a shared goal

Courses focused on:

  • Historical and situational analysis
  • Critical evaluation of historical and contemporary leaders
  • Ability to connect leadership behaviors to organizational outcomes

One elective from each category is required and of the three electives at least one course must be outside of a student's major.

Students are responsible for understanding any pre-requisites or conditions for chosen electives. 

Ideally electives are taken sophomore through junior years and must be completed before entering the Capstone course.

Electives Course List