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Leadership Studies Minor Coursework

Curriculum development is being led by the Newton Chair in collaboration with the existing leadership programs and their faculty, as well as invested collaborators from CU-Boulder's faculty and staff, including the Leeds School of Business and the School of Education. The goal is to design a robust curriculum that meets or exceeds the customary undergraduate requirements, goals and methods of all of CU-Boulder's colleges.

Provost Russell Moore approved the Leadership Studies Minor Proposal in March 2013. It is expected to take two full academic years (Fall 2013 through Spring 2015) to have the entire Minor curriculum fully developed and offered in its entirety to students.

The Leadership Studies Minor officially launched during the Spring semester 2014 with the newly created foundations course, Becoming A Leader (LEAD 1000). Find more detail on the foundations course by selecting the link to the right.

After much discussion and in keeping with the vision of creating a successful, campus-wide academic minor, the Newton Leadership Chair will oversee development of the Leadership Studies Minor. The minor will be administered through the Office of the Provost.