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May 11, 2017

Six of the seven awards are funded by the Advanced Industries Accelerator (AIA) program, administered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade with the support of Colorado Advanced Industry trade associations and the state’s Economic Development Commission.

May 10, 2017

The satellite, named ‘Challenger’, had a successful lift off Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 9:11 AM MDT from Cape Canaveral. It is part of the European Union sponsored QB50 project to deploy a network of miniaturized satellites to study part of Earth’s atmosphere.

May 8, 2017

Federally-funded research facilities in Colorado contributed an estimated $2.6 billion to the state's economy in 2016 and supported more than 17,600 jobs, according to a new report from the Leeds School of Business.

April 28, 2017

Conventional wisdom has held that forest growth will dramatically slow with high levels of rainfall. But CU Boulder researchers this month turned that assumption on its head with an unprecedented review of data from 150 forests that concluded just the opposite.

April 26, 2017

The CU Boulder Innovative Seed Grant Program (ISGP), now in its 11th year, recently announced more than $1.1 million in seed funding through 23 grants, with a focus on interdisciplinary ventures that take investigators in high-risk, high-reward directions.

April 18, 2017

One day, next-generation gene therapies could be used to nudge the body’s own cells to make those proteins at precisely the right time and in just the right amount. CU Boulder biochemistry professor Robert Batey and Alexandria Forbes, Ph.D., founder and CEO of New York-based biotech firm MeiraGTx, are teaming up to explore how to do it.