The Office of Industry Collaboration serves as the portal to CU-Boulder industry opportunities. CU-Boulder Industry Brochure




Build Your Workforce

  • Student Employees
  • Interns
  • Student Projects
  • Recruitment
  • Research Services
  • Fundamental & Applied Sponsored Research
  • Joint Proposals
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Entrepreneurial Support


  • Advertising
  • Volunteering
  • Sponsorships
  • Philanthropy
  • Business Vendor

Employee Development

  • Technical Seminars
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Classroom/Distance Learning  

Employee Enrichment 

  • Lectures/Workshops
  • Programs for Children
  • Events/Festivals
  • Museums/Planetarium


See links below for information on the above.

Our Purpose: CU researchers are energized by meaningful and novel research. Faculty members are expected to conduct research or develop creative arts. Strengthening links to industry and business partners provides funding for relevant projects for faculty and students and helps define new areas of study that are relevant to our changing world. 

The Office of Industry Collaboration's role is to facilitate the connection between businesses and campus units/personnel ready to engage in solving business problems. The office will support connections to all areas of the campus: research, career services, student employment, technology transfer, contributions, etc. The Office of Industry Collaboration will also oversee the administrative details so that the team can start quickly on your project.

Let the Office of Industry Collaboration help connect you to the CU-Boulder resource of interest.

What type of expert support do you need?

Sponsored Research: Working with you, our world-class experts can conduct fundamental or applied research in areas of mutual interest.  Contact the Office of Industry Collaboration for help in finding the research unit most closely tied to your area of interest. To find out more about the wide range of sponsored research at CU-Boulder, click here.

Services: CU-Boulder experts are able to assist with designing tests and interpreting results. Other services are available when there is excess capacity.

Consulting: Some CU-Boulder faculty provide consulting for businesses on a private basis to support work on your existing processes and products. CU-Boulder is not a party to these agreements. These do not use CU-Boulder facilities or utilize the intellectual property developed on other sponsored research projects.

Research Services: The CU-Boulder equipment and testing capabilities are being gathered. The Research Services page will contain this information.

Looking for experts?

 Contact us to send us an inquiry specifying your needs or 

explore the CU-Boulder website on your own, or

use VIVO, a searchable CU-Boulder database - Research and Expertise Across CU-Boulder  




Both current students and graduates make great employees for a wide range of jobs. CU-Boulder offers a variety of common employment relationships available to your company.  Student connections can be made through a specific college or the campus wide Career Services office. The following links will help. Or, call the Office of Industry Collaboration at 303-492-0800 for help in getting to the right group. 

Student Employees: Looking to hire student workers? Employ university students as they work during their academic career. Post job openings on CU-Boulder's searchable human resources website and Career Buffs system (link below) to advertise to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

Internships: Internships provide benefits to both students and companies. Interns receive academic credit and/or experience in their field of study. Companies gain fresh perspectives, cutting edge theory, and interaction with potential employees and their faculty advisors. Post internship opportunities through Career Services, which can provide connections to specific departments or majors. Career Services also offers guidance for establishing a successful internship program. Link to Internshp Program Overview/Employer Support

  • Contract Intern Program (CIP) is a unique way to add CU-Boulder students to your workforce without adding them to your headcount or payroll. CU-Boulder's Internship Program provides you with a great pool of intern candidates, then CIP takes care of the payroll administration, workers' compensation, and tax reporting.

Student Projects: Industry-sponsored student projects offer students additional hands-on, interactive experiences on proof-of-concept projects. These projects provide an opportunity to meet and mentor students in your company's field and evaluate participating students as potential employees while you network and develop relationships with faculty. You will receive specific deliverables. Intellectual Property rights are generally assigned to the sponsoring company.

Permanent Employees: CU-Boulder Career Services will partner with your company to meet hiring needs and establish your company brand on campus. Use information sessions, on-campus interviewing and resume referral services to connect with highly qualified students and alumni. Career Services can also connect you with academic department liaisons.

Career Services: Learn more about Career Service offerings. Link to Career Services

  • Career Panels
  • Information Sessions/Presentations
  • On Campus Interviewing
  • Resume Referral
  • Career Buffs System - Post your internships or permanent jobs for current or past graduates

  • Part-time student worker during school or summer? These jobs are not necessarily related to an area of study but are a real need for you. Post your  job through this group: Link to Student Employment 

Building Your On-Campus Presence: Link to Employer Presence


CU-Boulder offers many opportunities for your employees to stay current in their field, make valuable contacts with experts, and further their education. Programs are available at various times and locations (including online) to allow your employees flexibility within busy schedules.

Technical Seminars: Many departments offer regular seminars that are open to the public. These technical seminars provide opportunities to learn about the latest information and to network with other experts and professionals in your specific field.

Mentoring: As a mentor, build relationships with CU-Boulder students while cultivating and supporting skill and career development. Many departments offer structured mentorship programs as well as regular mentoring and networking sessions on and off campus. Mentors report that the experience is invigorating and brings a fresh perspective to their job.

Continuing Education programs offer areas to enhance and develop the skills of your team. Programs are available at different times to allow your employees the flexibility of completing within busy time schedules. Areas include:

  • Boulder Evening
  • Independent Learning
  • Access and High School Concurrent
  • International English Center
  • CU Complete - This program assists former students in the completion of degrees they began at CU in the past.
  • Office for University Outreach - CU-Boulder faculty and students provide outreach programs to extend educational opportunities to the citizens of Colorado.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program
  • Extraodinary Program - Academic departments can offer special courses that target audiences both on and off campus and provide academic credit for those offerings. Programs initiated from outside the university community may be considered for approval by Continuing Education as well as noncredit and certificate programs.
  • Summer Sessions and Maymester
  • Center for Advanced Engineering & Technology Education (CAETE)
Additional department specific programs include:


Many activities on the CU-Boulder campus are open to the entire community. These activities enhance campus connectons and enrich the lives of your employes and families. 


Cu-Boulder receives more than $350 million per year in research funding from the federal government and industry. Our faculty experts are available and interested in advancing development of your company products. After facilitating your connection with the appropriate researchers and institutes, the Office of Industry Collaboration supports a straightforward proces toward implementation to reach your goals in an efficient and timely manner.

Utilize CU Research Services: CU-Boulder has numerous world-class facilities for testing and development. When there is excess capacity, these facilities are often available to the private sector for a fee. In addition, CU-Boulder experts are able to assist with designing tests and interpreting results. Research Services

Sponsor Research: CU-Boulder has 11 major research institutes and more than 100 research centers with excellent connections to both Colorado-based federal research labs and those across the nation. In addition to conducting federally sponsored research, CU-Boulder's renowned researchers readily work with business and industry partners around the state, country and world to conduct fundamental and applied sponsored research projects. When facilitating interactions between companies and CU-Boulder researchers, the Office of Industry Collaboration utilizes a project management approach to understand company project goals, propose options for university participation, and then monitor and report on progress until final delivery is complete.

Joint Proposals: An increasing number of federal and state government opportunities, ranging from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) to large NASA mission opportunities, encourage joint proposals from universities and industry. CU-Boulder works collaboratively with industry partners and other universities in responding to these opportunities.

Commercialize CU-Boulder Research: New products and companies are frequently developed from ideas formed during the course of campus research. Over the past six years, more than 600 inventions were submitted to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). CU-Boulder offers innovative ideas and technologies that might be the next new product for your company. TTO serves as a liaison for industry partners interested in commercializing CU technologies. TTO offers a number of flexible options for exclusive and non-exclusive access to CU-developed technologies. The TTO website has links to areas for business explaining the licensing process and technologies available for licensing.

Entrepreneurial Support: Boulder has the highest "high-tech startup density" of any metro area in the United States (Kauffman Foundation). CU-Boulder enhances the vibrant Boulder startup economy through the support and creation of both university and community generated startups. Campus centers and groups connect to other campus units, support student-led entrepreneurial initiatives, and sponsor community engagement events.


There are a variety of avenues for you to promote your business with extensive outreach to current students, alumni, faculty and staff, community members, and other businesses. The following outline opportunities with CU - Boulder that will increase the awareness of your company while supporting the university.

  • Sponsorship/Advertising - Opportunities include events/performances, student groups, signage, external promotions, titleship, print/programs, on-site interaction, tickets/hospitality, internet/digital, and the collegiate sports marketing network
  • Contributions/Gifts - Opportunities include scholarships, endowments, academic programs, gifts, pledges, initiatives, facilities, various funds, and the Alumni Association. To learn more about the contribution opportunities, click here.
  • Engagement - Opportunities include volunteering and speaking engagements.


CU-Boulder Research Initiatives have long provided an opportunity for faculty members in multiple departments to work together with shared research facilities and professional research personnel. New initiatives go beyond those activities, in a less formal manner, to encourage coordination and collaboration across broader fields involved in related issues. Below are links to just a few of our specialty areas. We will help connect you to these and any other areas of interest.

Aerospace - Several campus units are national leaders in these fields. The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) is considered by some to be the premier space research lab in the country and has been involved in space missions since the 1960's working with both private and federal partners. CU-Boulder’s AeroSpace Ventures is a collaboration among aerospace engineering and earth and space science faculty, students, government labs, and industrial researchers working together to bring innovative aerospace solutions to society’s most complex problems.

Biotechnology - The CU BioFrontiers Institute is creating collaborations among the university's most talented faculty in chemical and biological engineering, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; neuroscience; medicine; and biophysics to advance human health and fuel the growth of Colorado's biotech industry. Nineteen (19) new start-up businesses have been formed in the past 5 years. This institute advances human health and welfare by conducting research in critical frontiers of unkown biology and translating new knowledge to practical applications. Education plays a key role as a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists are empowered to work together to push the boundaries of human knowledge and reap its benefits. 

Computational Science and Engineering - The College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU-Boulder is a tier-one professional school—one of the top-ranked engineering schools in the nation. Many speciality areas are available such as Design Center Colorado. The Department of Computer Science engages in cutting edge research projects from harnessing the power of big data to modeling climate change to understanding the role of social media. 

Geosciences - Environmental sustainability is one of society's greatest challenges. This initiative combines natural sciences research with social sciences, humanities, law, journalism, business research and education. The College of Arts and Sciences along with the Leeds School of Business, School of Law, School of Education, College of Media, Communication and Information and specialized research institutes collaborate to contribute to this initiative area.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy - The Energy Initiative acts as a catalyst to bring researchers together to address key problems and opportunities from energy-efficient construction to energy storage, from solar and wind energy to hydrogen production. The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) is a joint institute between CU-Boulder and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to address important, complex problems in energy and expedite solutions that transform energy by advancing renewable energy science, engineering, and analysis through research, education, and industry partnerships. 

Other Key Initiatives - Beyond the five strategic initiative areas, CU-Boulder's schools and colleges have also launched a number of key initiatives that are both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary.


The Office of Industry Collaboration believes in a structured, yet flexible, approach to supporting projects.  The most important element is to have a good understanding, prior to starting, of the type of support needed so that we go down the right path.


Connect you with the right person, or group, to support identified need(s).


When the need is sponsored research or services, the Office of Industry Collaboration remains engaged to further determine exact needs, any special circumstances, and time frame. The Industry Office works with you to produce a detailed Statement of Work and then prepare the appropriate level of proposal.


Once confirmed for selection, the goal is to work quickly through the contracting process. Use of standard templates can save time as can the development of master agreements. It is helpful for the industry technical contact to remain engaged with your legal counsel to keep the process moving forward. The Industry Office monitors this process.


Working in accordance with the SOW, keeping communication lines open, and adapting to changes all occur during this stage. The Industry Office will be engaged as needed and is always available to support the industry or researcher.


Upon delivery, the Industry Office will confirm satisfaction and determine the next steps. Feedback is always appreciated.