About Us

Who We Are

The Office of Industry Collaboration was formed in July 2013 to support the vision of Chancellor DiStefano to enhance the connection between CU-Boulder and local, state, national, and international industry and business partners. The office is intended to be the identifiable entry point into CU-Boulder. The office reports to Stein Sture, Vice Chancellor for Research.

Caroline Himes, the Director, served as the Executive Associate Director for LASP, a major research institute on the CU-Boulder campus. Through her role at LASP, she developed an understanding of CU-Boulder processes. As LASP began to work more with industry, she was in the position of supporting that work effort. She proposed new methods for the campus to support such activities. Prior to joining CU, she had 20 years experience working in industry and was controller for 4 different companies. Her ability to bring industry and university experience together makes her a strong leader for this new office. 

Person Title Role Email Phone
Caroline Himes Director Strategic direction and development of the office, support major contacts, oversee office operations. caroline.himes@colorado.edu 303-492-9021
Jeff Sczechowski

Associate Director

Creation, planning, and development of relationships and projects. jeffrey.sczechowski@colorado.edu 303-492-2615
Nicole Thornton

Assistant to Director

Support industry and faculty connections and facilitate development of relationships and projects. Nicole.Thornton@colorado.edu 303-492-0800

Office contact information:
Office: 303-492-0800

What We Do

We will actively connect industry inquiries to CU-Boulder resources. When related to sponsored research or services, we stay engaged through project implementation and delivery.We also support internal CU-Boulder researchers wanting to work with industry.

How We Do It

We reach out to industry and campus constituents to gather information on needs, capabilties and interest in partnering. We are continuing to develop processes to support these relationships and remove/minimize confusion and mis-steps. Using a project management approach, we follow and support each connection. If CU-Boulder does not have the expertise or capacity to support the need, we will make that determination as early as possible so that you can find another resource.

Many units on campus interact with industry. It is important that broad input be obtained to guide the development and operation of the office and that collaborations across campus units be developed and maintained. To provide for this input and coordination, collaboration committees are involved in supporting Industry Collaboration. These committees are:

Committees Supporting Industry Collaboration

Collaboration Committee - An important element in working with industry and business groups is to coordinate the wide variety of activities that may be occuring between campus units and those outside entities. Understanding and growing the variety of interactions in a thoughtful and coordinated manner will enhance the value of the relationship to both the university and the company.

Function Representative
Alumni TBD
Athletics TBD
Career Services Lisa Lovett
Chancellor's Office Catherine Shea
Advancement Melinda Seevers & Barbara Perin
Office of Industry Collaboration Jeff Sczechowski
Office of Contracts & Grants Denitta Ward
Strategic Relations Ben Webster
Technology Transfer Office MaryBeth Vellequette
Office of Industry Collaboration Caroline Himes
Continuing Education Armando Pares

Operations Committee - A committee made up of operational units (ABS, OCG, TTO) to develop the appropriate processes and templates to support sponsored research, services, and equipment work. This group also supports execution of specific transactions. Members are Laura Ragin, Denitta Ward, MaryBeth Vellequette, Caroline Himes.