About Us

 The Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement will build on the momentum that has already been established to make ethical and civic engagement a defining characteristic of our educational community.

The institute serves as a forum, catalyst, coordinator and, especially, a forceful proponent for faculty members, students, administrators, and community leaders who wish to encourage ethical and civic education at CU Boulder so we can effectively integrate these dimensions of education into our curriculum, co-curricular programs, and campus culture. As part of this effort, we assist colleges, schools, departments, and student organizations to develop model projects, certificate programs, capstone projects, and courses in this area. And we serve as a catalyst for creative thinking, bringing local, national and international leaders to campus and hosting conferences, workshops, and seminars for the exchange of ideas.

We believe that the Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement has the potential to significantly strengthen the educational community at the Boulder campus, to support other campuses in the university system in their efforts to foster ethical and civic engagement, and to serve as a national resource for universities pursuing similar ends.

Through its actions, the institute will help renew the University's commitment to the ethical dimensions of education, provide our students with a more meaningful learning experience, and contribute to the vitality of the many communities we serve from the local level to the global.

We invite you to join us.